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Pouch Bassin d’Arcachon


Une envie de vous changer les idées ? Venez déguster des huîtres sur le Bassin d’Arcachon avec une vue imprenable sur la Dune du Pilat. Cette oeuvre originale de Lotza vous fera voyager par ses couleurs vives et marines sur une pochette en coton.

The Bassin d’Arcachon is a lagoon located on the French Atlantic coast, in the Gironde department in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. It is known for its diverse natural landscapes, picturesque oyster villages, fine sandy beaches, dunes and pine forests.

The basin is fed by the Atlantic Ocean, but also by several rivers, notably the Leyre and the Dordogne. It is home to a rich and varied fauna and flora, including migratory birds, fish, crustaceans and shellfish. The main tourist activities of the Arcachon Basin are swimming, water sports, fishing, boat trips, tasting fresh oysters in the oyster huts, as well as discovering traditional villages such as Arcachon, La Teste-de-Buch, Andernos-les-Bains and Le Canon.

Oysters from the Bay of Arcachon are famous for their quality and unique flavor. They are produced in the Bassin d’Arcachon, a coastal region located in the southwest of France. The basin is an ideal place for oyster cultivation because it has a favorable microclimate, nutrient-rich water and a coastline conducive to oyster growth. There are two main types of oysters produced in the Arcachon Basin, the flat oyster and the hollow oyster. The flat oyster is larger and flatter than the hollow oyster, it has a thick shell and a firm flesh. The hollow oyster is smaller and rounder, with a thin shell and softer flesh. The oysters of the Bassin d’Arcachon are harvested by hand by the oyster farmers. They are then sorted, washed and packaged for sale. Oysters from the Bay of Arcachon are considered as one of the best oysters in France and in the world, they are very appreciated for their delicate flavor and fine texture.

You will find below an illustration to better see the pouch.
The pouch is shipped in a box, protected by bubble wrap.

Photo credit : Jean-Luc Photographie

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Size: 8.6 x 6.3in
Material: cotton
Weight: 1,33 oz/sq ft
Capacity: 1 Liter

Closing : by metal zip
This pouch is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Rhône-Alpes in France.

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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 50 × 34 × 17 cm


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