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Hi, I’m Lisa !


I am a French illustrator with a minimalist style. I love travel and art; I like to share them in my work.

Why Lotza ? I wanted an artist name, without using my real name. Lotza is a Basque name, a region I love in the southwest of France. So I went through the list of Basque names and I fell for Lotza.
I studied at the ECV (School of Visual Communication) in Bordeaux. After a 1st year of MANAA, I chose to follow the Design course with a web option (code and animation) for 4 years.

In parallel to my studies, I did several internships, including one with an illustrator in Saint-Jean de Luz, in the Basque Country. During this internship, I tested different styles of illustration. I ended up choosing this minimalist style while keeping the details that seem important to a design.
After that, I started illustrating anything and everything and I started my Road Trip in France. As soon as I started, I wanted to venture abroad to other territories such as sports, cocktails, women in male professions and revisit great works of art in my own way.

I graduated as an art director in 2019 at ECV.

Iris or “Riri”


Iris is a sharpei and is 9 years old. Slightly wrinkled (because I ironed her a lot), she manages the store in Cognac. She will know how to advise you the illustrations according to the size of your interior and will select the best proposals in terms of colors in order to marry the colors of the illustrations to those of your interior.
Real mascot of the street of Angouleme in Cognac, she will know how to be your tourist guide for some croquettes. She knows all the little corners of the city and will be able to advise you the best restaurants and cafés. 

Iris is at the Lotza store with her mistress Karine at 21 rue d’Angoulême in Cognac (16100) from Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 am to 7 pm without interruption. Yes, Riri makes a lot of days. 

Her guilty pleasure ? The cookies that customers give him at the café across the street. 

Photo credit : Jean-Luc Photographie



Siska is the latest arrival. She is a one year old girl from Malinois and is full of life. A little too much sometimes, it is exhausting. Siska is Riri’s little intern. She will know how to propose you illustrations or objects of decoration according to your tastes and will find solutions to satisfy your requests. Unfortunately, she has to support the prejudices on her race. But don’t be fooled, Siska is a ball of love who loves to be petted by customers. Siska also knows Cognac very well, she will be happy to guide you; you just need to have some kibble on you.
Siska works with her mistress (who pretends to be the illustrator) from 9:30 am to 7 pm at the Cognac boutique at 21 rue d’Angoulême (16) without interruption from Tuesday to Saturday. And yes, what a dog’s life!

Her guilty pleausre ? Playing with sticks, stuffed animals, anything he can get his hands on; all the time, everywhere. 

Photo credit : Jean-Luc Photographie

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