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Poster Noirmoutier Island


Immerse yourself in the sweetness of Noirmoutier Island with our exclusive poster, an artistically crafted creation designed on Illustrator and carefully printed in Charente. This artwork takes you to the heart of the island, offering an enchanting view of its peaceful interior and iconic beach. The light and pastel tones dominating the poster evoke the tranquility and natural beauty of this preserved place.

The interior of the island is depicted with artistic delicacy, showcasing the diversity of its vegetation and the serenity of its landscapes. Every detail, from shaded paths to the subtle shades of plants, is rendered with exceptional precision. The poster captures the very essence of Noirmoutier Island, a place where nature reigns in harmony.

The view of the beach, imbued with calm and beauty, completes the poster. Pastel tones highlight the softness of the sand and the tranquility of the ocean. The typical cabins of the island dot the shore, adding an authentic touch to the coastal scene. It’s a visual invitation to escape to this preserved paradise.

Printed in Charente with exceptional quality, this poster goes beyond conventional wall decoration. It becomes a window to Noirmoutier Island, an invitation to explore its hidden corners, to feel the soothing atmosphere, and to immerse yourself in the natural beauty that characterizes it.

Celebrate the splendor of Noirmoutier Island by incorporating this creation into your space. Whether to evoke memories of vacations or to inspire new adventures, this poster transports you to a world where nature and tranquility reign supreme.

The illustration is available in 2 poster sizes: 11.8×15.7in and 19.7×27.5in.

Below you will find some settings to see the posters framed.
Each poster is shipped in a cardboard tube, rolled up and protected by bubble wrap.
The frame is not included in the order.

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11.8x15.7in format
Weight : 736.5in
Mat coated paper

19.7x27.5in format
Weight : 652.8in
Mat coated paper

This poster is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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11.81×15.75inches, 19.69×27.56inches


Metropolitan France


Pays de la Loire

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