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Poster Annecy


Immerse yourself in Annecy‘s natural splendor with our exclusive poster, a work of art created with precision in Illustrator and printed with care in Charente. This striking artistic creation immortalizes the town of Annecy in all its magnificence, showcasing the sparkling lake, the majestic mountains in the background and the enchanting atmosphere that characterizes this exceptional region.
The poster offers a unique perspective of Annecy, capturing the quintessence of its picturesque charm. Meticulously crafted details highlight the cobbled streets, winding canals and colorful facades for which the old town is renowned. Each architectural element is depicted with impressive precision, creating a visual canvas that evokes the rich history of this enchanting place.
Lake Annecy, a crystalline jewel in the heart of the Alps, comes to life in captivating shades of blue and green. The delicate reflections on the calm water and mountains in the background add exceptional depth and serenity to the whole. The harmony between the lake and the snow-capped peaks creates a visual symphony, celebrating the unique encounter between water and mountains.

The imposing mountains that dominate the horizon add a dramatic touch to the poster, underlining the natural majesty that surrounds Annecy. Each craggy peak is depicted with remarkable fidelity, capturing the imposing grandeur of Alpine nature that forms the incomparable backdrop to this city.
Printed in Charente with meticulous attention to detail, this poster is a work of art that skilfully combines artistic creativity with superior print quality. Every nuance of color is rendered with dazzling precision, guaranteeing a faithful and vivid reproduction of the original artwork.
Hang this poster in your space to create a unique ambience, where the natural beauty of Annecy invites itself into your home. By choosing our creation, you’re opting for much more than a simple wall decoration; you’re investing in a representation of one of France’s jewels, a visual invitation to explore the timeless magic of Annecy and the surrounding area.
Celebrate the perfect blend of art, nature and quality printing with our Annecy poster. Treat yourself to a visual journey to the heart of the French Alps, and let this exceptional work enrich your living space with the timeless beauty of the city of Annecy and its spectacular natural surroundings.

The illustration is available in 2 poster sizes: 11.8×15.7in and 19.7×27.5in.

Below you will find some settings to see the posters framed.
Each poster is shipped in a cardboard tube, rolled up and protected by bubble wrap.
The frame is not included in the order.

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11.8x15.7in format
Weight : 736.5in
Mat coated paper

19.7x27.5in format
Weight : 652.8in
Mat coated paper

This poster is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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11.81×15.75inches, 19.69×27.56inches, 27.56×39.37inches


Metropolitan France



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