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Postcard Bordeaux (orange version)


Place de la Bourse, or Place Royale, is one of the main squares in Bordeaux, a city located in the southwestern part of France, in the department of Gironde. The square is located in the city’s historic downtown area and is surrounded by many important buildings such as the Bourse de Commerce, the Opéra National de Bordeaux, the Hôtel de Ville, Pont de Pierre and the Palais Rohan.

The Place de la Bourse is a remarkable example of Bordeaux’s neoclassical architecture and is considered one of the most beautiful squares in France. It was designed by the architect Jacques-François Blondel in the 18th century and is surrounded by imposing and elegant buildings, such as the Bourse de Commerce and the Palais Rohan, which host exhibitions and cultural events.
The Place de la Bourse is also a popular place for strolling and leisure activities, with many restaurants, cafés and stores nearby. There is also a monumental fountain, the Fontaine des Trois Grâces, which is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors.

You will find below a situation to better see the postcard.
The postcard is sent in a bubble envelope.

Size: 3.93 x 5.28in
Paper weight: 736.5in
Matte coated paper.

This postcard is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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