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Postcard Basque Specialties


This postcard by Lotza represents the emblematic culinary specialties of the French Basque region with the Rhune mountain in the background. In the foreground, a table is set with local products such as the famous Bayonne ham, Ossau-Iraty cheese and typical tapas, such as pimientos de Padrón, accompanied by a glass of Txakoli, a sparkling white wine from the region.
The Basque region is a region located on the border of France and Spain, with a unique culture and language. The region has a rich and ancient history, dating back to the Iron Age, with successive Celtic tribes and Roman invasions. The Basques have developed their own distinct culture, with their own language, traditional music, dances and unique gastronomy.

One of the most famous aspects of Basque culture is its cuisine. Basque culinary specialties are widely recognized throughout the world for their quality and flavor. Local products, such as Bayonne ham, Ossau-Iraty cheese and peppers, are key ingredients of Basque gastronomy. In addition, the region is also known for its spectacular scenery, including the Rhune mountain, which offers a breathtaking view of the region and the Basque coast. The Basque Country is a popular tourist destination for its beaches, mountains and charming towns.

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The postcard is sent (via La Poste) in a bubble envelope.

Size: 3,93 x 5,28in
Paper weight: 736.5in
Matte coated paper.

This postcard is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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