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Postcard Astronaut


Who run the world ? Girls ! Discover a series of posters on women who practice masculine jobs, among which is this original work by Lotza, the Astronaut. In this Girl Power series, the face of each woman is the same to show that the Woman is versatile. The place of women in space discovery has evolved over time. In the early days of space exploration, women were excluded from space missions, but since the late 1950s they have begun to play an increasingly important role in the field.
The first woman to be sent into space was Soviet cosmonaut Valentina Terechkova in 1963. Since then, many women have participated in space missions and have done important work in space. For example, American astronaut Sally Ride became the first American woman to fly in space in 1983 and has participated in two space missions.
Women have also played an important role in scientific research in orbit, including the study of the effects of microgravity on the human body, plant growth and meteorology.
However, despite these advances, women are still underrepresented in the space field, particularly in leadership and decision-making positions. Women have also faced discrimination and harassment in the space industry, leading to movements to promote gender equality and inclusion in the space sector.
In summary, although women have made progress in space discovery, there is still work to be done to achieve true parity and gender equity in space.

You will find below a situation to better see the postcard.
The postcard is sent in a bubble envelope.

Size: 3.93 x 5.28in
Paper weight: 736.5in
Matte coated paper.

This postcard is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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