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Postcard Albi


Immerse yourself in the captivating history of the city of Albi with this postcard that captures the essence of this gem of southwestern France. Featuring the picturesque view of the Pont-Vieux and the majestic Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, this artwork is a tribute to the city’s architectural and cultural richness. The Pont-Vieux, dating from the 14th century, is a true symbol of Albi. It connects the two banks of the Tarn, offering a panoramic view of the sparkling river and the half-timbered houses that line its banks. It is a poignant testimony to the city’s history and its role as a commercial crossroads in the past.

At the heart of the illustration stands the Sainte-Cécile Cathedral, a masterpiece of Gothic architecture. With its imposing facade and slender spires, this fascinating cathedral is the largest brick building in the world. Inside, visitors marvel at the colorful frescoes and sculptural details that tell biblical stories. The postcard accurately captures the beauty and enchanting atmosphere of Albi, inviting viewers to discover this historic city for themselves. Whether you’re an architecture lover, a history buff, or simply looking for a unique piece of home decor, this postcard will be a perfect addition to your collection.

Whether in your living room, office or even in a professional setting, this artistic representation of Albi will spark conversations and evoke a sense of wonder in all who view it. Immerse yourself in the history of the city of Albi and let this illustration transport you to a bygone era, where grand architecture and picturesque landscapes blend seamlessly. This is the perfect gift for travel, history and art lovers, as well as for all those who appreciate the timeless beauty of cities steeped in history.

You will find below a situation to better see the postcard.
The postcard is sent in a bubble envelope.

Size: 3.93 x 5.28in
Paper weight: 736.5in
Matte coated paper.

This postcard is an original work by Lotza and is printed in Charente, France.

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Weight 0,2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 14,8 cm

Metropolitan France



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