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Carte postale Lyon


This poster illustrated by Lotza depicts the majestic Fourvière Cathedral in Lyon, dominating the city with its imposing silhouette. The Fourvière Cathedral, also known as the Basilica of Our Lady of Fourvière, is an architectural masterpiece dating from the 19th century. This basilica, located on the Fourvière hill, is an important place of pilgrimage and worship, as well as a popular tourist attraction in the city.

Lyon itself is a historic and cultural French city, located in the Rhone region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. The city is known for its world-renowned cuisine, rich Roman history and silk tradition. Lyon is also a vibrant university city, home to several universities and colleges.

Fourvière Cathedral is an important symbol of Lyon and its rich religious history. Its construction began in 1872 and was completed in 1896. It is neo-Byzantine in style and was built to celebrate the end of a cholera epidemic that struck the city in 1884. The basilica is adorned with gold decorative elements, colorful stained glass windows and mosaics, creating an atmosphere of beauty and inner peace.

With this poster, Lotza captures the essence of Lyon and its famous cathedral, inviting art lovers and travelers alike to discover the rich history and culture of this French city.

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La carte postale est expédiée (via La Poste) dans une enveloppe bulle.

Format : 10 x 14,8cm
Grammage : 350g/㎡
Papier couché mat.

Cette carte postale est une oeuvre originale de Lotza et est imprimée en Charente en France.

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